Retrofit of an incinerator installation - Bruges

Retrofit of an industrial burner for the incineration of sludge by Environ Engineering.

Oil burner consisting of burner (oil, lance + nozzle), primary air control, oil control group, control box for oil burner, air supply boiler, pump station, ...

High temperature flanged flame tube including insulation and coating for high temperatures.

Dismantling of the old burner, installation, assembly and commissioning of the industrial burner.

After this retrofit and with a regular annual check, the plant is good again for a long time and can work optimally again without any risks.

  • Retrofit process burner

Environ Engineering on Maintenance expo 2022

Manufacturing valve station cabinets - Environ Engineering
Was ist ein Industriebrenner?

What is a process burner?
Martin Kerschbaumer working on the station

Conversion of a valve station installation by Environ Engineering.

October 2021 Wels Austria