Retrofit of industrial combustion systems

Environ Engineering can evaluate your burner requirements and decide whether a replacement is necessary or if your current burner can be repaired. We have a family of professionals and goods available to us to assist in the process if replacement is an option. Our area of expertise includes burner retrofits and repairs. Environ Engineering burner retrofit specialists can assist you in restoring your boiler to top performance with the least amount of downtime, regardless of the year, make, or model of your boiler. We retrofit existing combustion installations and burners, increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. Sometimes an installation is so outdated that it needs to be adapted. We get rid of malfunctions leading to production losses, obsolete parts, insufficient heating, …

First the problems are investigated:

To manage the retrofit, we start with a site visit. We discuss with the technical manager the following issues:
  • faults that lead to loss of production
  • obsolete parts
  • adjustment of fuel supply
  • possibility of further exploitation of the combustion plant

Analysis and description of the combustion plant

Then we study the current plant and see with you what we can improve. The following main points and more are looked at and examined:

  • Industrial burner
  • Pre-combustion chamber
  • Combustion chamber
  • Control system
  • Combustion and cooling air fans
  • SNCR equipment
  • Chimney
  • ...
  • Environg engineering van

Collection of technical data

Our technical team begins gathering all of your installation's data after our inspection and study in order to offer the best solution. This step in the procedure is crucial to ensuring the optimal performance of your combustion burner installation. You can see what different types of information are necessary for the retrofit to be completed properly below:

  • General data:
    • Environmental factors
    • Safety of the installation
    • Electrical data
    • Mechanical data
    • Fuel data
    • Gaseous fuels
    • Liquid fuels
    • Admixtures


  • Basis for the technical concept:
    • Combustion chamber
    • Burner type
    • Burner inner lance
    • Liquid lance / nozzle
    • Gas ring with lances
    • Gas lance
    • Gas distribution tube

Project description

After collecting the data, we provide you with a clear and transparent description. That way, you are always aware of what needs to be done. The complete conversion is mapped out for you. We list the components that need replacement to ensure proper burner operation. We also provide you with a list of the spare parts and components that you can then also use later during any upcoming maintenance. A functional description of the operation of the burner is prepared.


    When you choose to collaborate with us, we ensure that the planning is accurate and open. We make sure that the timing works for you and that the task is completed by the predetermined dates. The following are the stages we take in planning:

    • Creation of quote
    • Ordering
    • Delivery of all parts
    • Carrying out the works and run tests during shutdown
    • Cold and hot commissioning + start-up
    • Training
    • Maintenance