Spare parts for industrial burners

We produce our products in certified manufacturing plants.

We are not linked to a certain supplier or brand, therefore we can supply you with all spare parts for your incinerator.


We supply:

Various types of industrial burner nozzles

We produce custom nozzles and parts for them. The nozzles are developed according to the customer specifications provided. The development takes into account: type of burner, type of furnace, choice of material. We produce nozzles for all types of fuels of industrial burners. Nozzles are made both in one piece and from different parts.

  • industrial burner nozzle

Liquid lances / gas lances

Lances for industrial burners are custom-made by our engineers. They are designed to the customer's needs. A new lance provides improved combustion, it also saves fuel which can only be a benefit to you. An outdated lance can also contain cracks and fissures due to rust which can cause leakage in your combustion process.

Burner parts - standard accessories in stock

Industrial burners have no secret to us, from gas burners to animal fat burners, we work with different suppliers for burners and parts for industrial burners. Even with the brands that have stopped supplying, we can provide a solution for you. Some parts we can also produce ourselves if they are no longer provided by the supplier.


Overview of some standard products:

  • Lance
  • Nozzles
  • Pressure gauges
  • shut-off valves
  • Stuffing boxes
  • O-rings
  • UV probe
  • UV photocell
  • Spare parts for pilot burners
  • Ignition electrodes
  • Seals
  • Sight glass
  • And much more ...