Conversion of valve station at Kelheim Fibres

Kelheim Fibres requested us to replace their valve station installation for processed oil. The station could no longer pass inspection and Kelheim Fibres requested us to provide a solution.

Our team had started by first working everything out in theory. Our engineers expertly draw everything out. The logistics team ensures that the correct material is delivered to the workshop. After that, our field team begins with the installation and further the project.

Assembly process of our system for the optimal operation of the process burner in the incinerator. All parts are carefully checked. In case of problems or obstacles, there is always a close communication and cooperation between the field engineering team, the customer and process engineers.

For the correct and safe operation of the process burner, there must also be a safe system. Thanks to the new valve station, the combustion plant will operate much more safely. New electric fast close valves, new filter, control valve and improved air supply were used.

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