Specialist industrial burners for combustion plants

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Environ Engineering is a dynamic company based in Belgium, specialising in all process burners for waste incineration, steam boilers, dry kilns and refineries, …

We ensure the optimal operation of your burner and incinerator with safety, health, climate and environment in mind. There is a world of difference in small details. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and services. You can rely on our many years of experience to bring a high level of specialisation, knowledge and innovation.


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Environ engineering, spécialiste en technologie de combustion

Combustion technology

We offer a wide range of technical solutions for your combustion systems. Our work is not complete until your burner is working optimally.

Spare parts for industrial burners

We produce our products in certified manufacturing plants. For nozzles and lances we have an own production. We are not bound to a certain supplier or brand, therefore we can supply you with all spare parts for your combustion plant.

Service du système de brûleur

Service and maintenance of process burner installations

We carry out on-site servicing, safety checks and maintenance of your burner systems to ensure they meet legal requirements. In case of emergency, we will be at your site as soon as possible.

Retrofit of industrial combustion systems

If your incinerator needs to be upgraded, we will take care of the conversion to a modern system with more efficiency, in compliance with legal standards and with consideration of the environment and climate.

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