Inspection of your combustion system.

Burner systems, combustion chambers, atomisation equipment, explosion protection, safety technology, flue gas cleaning, tank farms and much more require an initial analysis before we can start an operation or inspection of your combustion system.

Make an appointment and we will be happy to visit you for an initial inspection and analysis of the plant. We will then submit a proposal and quotation to you.

Conversion or repair of burners and atomisation systems.

Conversion of the system, increase of energy efficiency, reduction of operating costs, increase of availability... These are decisive reasons for a conversion or renewal of an existing burner system. Trust us: we will find a suitable, fast and cost-effective solution for you.

Commissioning of burner systems

Disassembly, assembly, ... the commissioning of a complex system requires special knowledge and experience.

Supply of spare and maintenance parts.

We have all the necessary spare and maintenance parts of various types. Either we already have them in stock when we visit you or we have them in our service van. We can also deliver them to you in the short term.

Maintenance of your burner system.

Our know-how in maintenance combined with the most modern technology for checking your combustion system provides you with the necessary security. Not only the legally required maintenance, but also a maintenance contract over a longer agreed period ensures continuity and saves you money and resources.


We prepare a report for each operation. You will be fully informed about the parameters set and the improvements we have made.

Additional tasks we take care of:

Our service also includes:
  • Detailed advice on complex combustion systems
  • Calculation of combustion chambers, burners and atomisation systems
  • Burner maintenance and safety checks
  • Calculation of steam boilers
  • Engineering and manufacture of combustion chambers
  • Safety inspections of all types of industrial plants
  • Improving the energy efficiency of burner systems
  • Monitoring and improvement of burner efficiency
  • Atomisation systems
  • Retrofitting of burner control systems (upgrading of Siemens control systems)
  • Flue gas cleaning systems
  • EXPLOSION Hazard calculation
  • Refractory lining (new installation, renovation)

A complete system designed by us requires professional implementation during installation. If required, we use internationally experienced installation partners for the implementation. We rely exclusively on our own Environ specialists for project development, planning, construction management and finally for final acceptance.