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What Environ can do for you

Safety comes first when operating a burner plant. Our specialist knowledge combined with the latest technology for inspecting your plant provide you with the necessary safety. Not just the legally stipulated maintenance, but also the definition of maintenance goals agreed for the longer term. This ensures continuity and saves money and resources

Technically sophisticated. Clearly defined.  

We believe that engineering only makes sense with an objective that is clearly defined in advance for you and your project. For the long term.  

Our consulting experience in combustion technology at a glance.  

  • Meticulously detailed consulting on complex burner plants
    Calculation of combustion chambers, burner and atomisation systems
    Burner maintenance and safety inspections
    Calculation of steam boilers
    Design and manufacturing of combustion chambers
  • Safety inspections on all kinds of industrial plants
  • Increasing energy efficiency of burner plants
  • Inspection and increasing the efficiency of burner plants
  • Design documents for approval by the authorities
  • Atomisation systems
  • Conversion of burner controls and control systems (upgrade of Siemens controls)
  • Design of flue gas cleaning systems
  • Explosion risk zone assessment
  • Occupational safety
  • SIL inspections
  • Refractory lining (new installation, refurbishment)

A complete system designed by us requires professional implementation during assembly. Where necessary, we make use of internationally experienced installation partners for the implementation. In the project development, planning, site management and, lastly, in the final acceptance, we make exclusive use of our own qualified Environ personnel. This gives us and you the necessary assurance. That you can build on.

This is one of our core competencies, because spare parts management requires a great deal of detailed knowledge. Just like our carefully considered after-sales service in combustion technology. We are proud to enjoy an excellent reputation in this field throughout Europe. You can expect rapid delivery of fast, precise consultation as well as custom-made, high-quality wear and spare parts. After all, ultimately it’s about your valuable production time. And guaranteeing this is important to us.

engineering plus works internationally.

The delivery and commissioning of burners, combustion chambers and atomisation systems requires a high degree of engineering experience. To this end, we work with international suppliers who always meet our quality criteria.

The following applications are considered here:  

  • Atomisation & incineration of liquid waste materials
  • Atomisation & incineration of liquid residues
  • Incineration of particulate waste materials
  • Incineration of flue gas and exhaust air
  • Sulphur combustion
  • Atomisation of waste water
  • Atomisation of paste-like liquid waste
  • Atomisation of high-consistency substances and sludge